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My name is Jenny, and I want to welcome you to Mentally Unique.

I created this website as a result of a blog I’ve been writing on Facebook about my recovery from my 3rd Spinal Surgery. It was something I needed to do to keep it real with myself. Little did I know the effect my rambling would have on those around me.

I hope you come to enjoy visiting this website to get the support, feedback and resources you need for yourself and others for recovery of all kinds and mental differences of all kinds. While working, I had Benny & Joon (the movie) on in the background. It’s a good movie. Joon is mentally ill, but I don’t remember them defining her disease. It just says, “mentally ill”. I hate that label. It just makes having any kind of mental difference sound hopeless. How about Mentally Unique? I like that much better. Having an illness or disease automatically puts a negative spin on it. I’m Bipolar. Does that mean I have to live under a label that says illness or disease? Nah. I think I’ve decided that I’m Mentally Unique. I have been so scared of sharing this because people with Bipolar or other mental differences are blasted in the most negative way on TV and on Social Media. That’s just crap! Do some of us struggle more than others? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not good people. It doesn’t mean we’re not productive or don’t contribute to society. Some of the most brilliant, talented and beautiful people are Mentally Unique. You have probably thought of 5 right off the top of your head – all professions – all through the years.

Mental Uniqueness isn’t anything new. It’s as old as time.

Here’s what I know – we’re ALL human 100% of the time. I don’t believe that a person is OK all the time. Some of us need more help than others, and some of us simply can’t get the help we need because it’s not enough. If we’re born with a chemical imbalance, or we go through something traumatic, then it’s not our fault. HEY – WAIT – WHY should we even consider blaming anyone or blaming ourselves for being born? If it’s someone’s fault that I was born, then doesn’t that mean they did something wrong by having me? It gets REAL pretty quickly when you start realizing that shaming those with mental or physical uniqueness is cutting down someone’s life.

16 thoughts on “Welcome In

  1. So Amazing. I Love The Way You Explained Everything. Smart Lady You Are.

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  2. Hi Jenny,
    I like your about page, I like to learn a little about someone other than gust throw their blog writing, sorry about your back I know how it is my back is a total mees, I look forward to checking out your blog. ❤️✌️



    1. Thank you for reading! I’m healing quite nicely!


      1. Your Welcome dear, that’s good to hear Jenny. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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  3. Hi there, I found you through the Reader. I liked the movie “Benny & Joon”–kind of quirky, and a positive ending! Labels can be so limiting, can’t they?! I’ve struggled with lifelong depression/debilitating anxiety, PTSD, social anxiety, chronic pain–BUT now, at 65, I’ve found that my faith in Jesus has brought considerable healing. I’m not here on your blog to preach to you, just telling you what turned things around for me (not that I’ve “arrived” at some kind of perfection–on my blog I write with genuine authenticity–so you’re welcome to visit, but no obligation is implied). I just want to encourage you, and pray you’ll feel better. Blogging can be so therapeutic, there are many caring folks who write and share. God bless you today.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and your wisdom. I like hearing what other folks have done to get through their hardships and what continues to work for them as things come up! Thank you for reading. It is helpful, but not all the memories are welcome. It’ll get better.

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      1. Memories can definitely be difficult–I used to experience a whiplash effect, but it’s getting better 🙂

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      2. My memories come out in my dreams. I also have triggers. There’s one certain song that stops me in my tracks when I hear it. I usually just walk out. There are smells that send me back into a memory. Again, l just walk out. I hope to be able to walk through both of those things, but I’m not quite there yet. Baby steps!

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      3. Yes, Baby steps! I’m familiar with the triggers you mention–especially fragrances. And I too have dreams which are more like nightmares. But little by little, I’m becoming more resilient (a word I used to despise–but that’s for another day). And as I’ve been up all night, I guess I’d better crash for awhile–great visiting with you here! 🙂

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      4. Thanks much! 🙂

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  4. Influencing Angel June 18, 2018 — 6:58 am

    Thank you for following me I’m glad you did I enjoyed your writing and love the term Mentally Unique . That’s what I’m going to tell me therapist I am Tuesday.. Lol ..

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    1. I’m so happy you like the term! And, thank you for following me. I appreciate it and hope you continue to enjoy my posts. I only hope my term for us spreads!

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      1. Influencing Angel June 18, 2018 — 7:24 am

        I hope so to it sounds so much better

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  5. Good Luck with this blog! I hope your musings are a help to people who need to find a way to help themselves or, perhaps, a family member of someone who is struggling. 🙂

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