Post Surgery: Day 16: May 2, 2018 – Activities of the Day~!

Some of the steristrips have fallen off the front of my neck.
Below is what the incision on the back of my neck looks like at Day 16!
Went to dinner outside the house for the first time with my son, Jacob, who came from Baltimore, Summer, Judy and Jamie. I was so scared, but the restaurant was close and we chose a non busy time and I prayed I wouldn’t get tired right away. I couldn’t eat much, but I managed some mashed taters, and green beans, and, of course, coffee. I felt normal and free. I had my neck brace in tow because I have to have it while in the car. It was fun, but I’m exhausted and in more pain than usual. I would do it again. I was losing my mind being stuck in the house! Make sure your doc knows what you want to do, and make sure your #1 is with you and your doc feels comfortable with you going. I felt anxious and yelled at Jamie due to the stress, but made sure he knew it wasn’t him and apologized.
day 16 jjj
My emotions were all over the place today. Anger, anxiety, paranoia, sadness and joy. Remember to talk to someone or write it down. It helps me. You’re not alone!
Jacob is using my car while he’s here. At least someone gets to drive it. The fact that he thinks my car is cool makes me feel happy! Jacob being here makes me happy!
I have my bone density exam on Friday morning. I will then know when I can drive. I don’t feel ready to drive yet. It takes a lot of turning of the neck to drive. My physical therapist is coming tomorrow, and we’ll assess if it’s close to being ok to drive. I am not allowed to wear my neck brace while driving. I remember being nervous after my first neck surgery, but this one was far more extensive, so I have to make sure I’m not doing anything crazy!
I would love to visit a jobsite, but I’m not sure anyone would be willing to come get me. After being at dinner, I can definitely go a couple hours and that’s only getting better every day!
I worked a long time today and found I could focus even longer. What a triumph! I love working. I felt really good about it. Remember to take your time and ask questions and make sure you’re still on the right track with your coworkers.
I’m a naturally paranoid person, so I have to remind myself that I have a job I love and my boss values me.
Dozed off for about an hour. Trying not to feel guilty. My body just takes over and tells me it’s time for a brain and body break.
I wore a bra all day. That was a goal yesterday
I got my laptop desk I can use on my lap and Jamie and I set it up for my needs. So much better! I’m excited to put it into action tomorrow! This set up only ensures my continued success for making sure my neck isn’t overly stressed.
Got my first pillow from Amazon and didn’t like it, so it’s going back. Don’t just accept the first pillow you find or has high ratings. Make sure YOU like it. We’re all different. Maybe the pillow I get tomorrow will be good. We’ll see. Remember that reviews are great, but don’t ignore something that sounds good because there are no reviews yet or maybe has a couple bad reviews. It’s mostly subjective
Day 16 off nicotine and it got to me today because I had a high stress day emotionally. I expect to progress faster. The animals were annoying me and I can’t do tasks such as washing clothes or bending down to get milk out of the fridge. I can’t stay awake all day. Jamie seemed more stressed than usual, which I blame myself for, so that caused additional stress and one of my cats peed on Dori’s bed, so I have to throw it away. Talk to someone and make sure you get it out in the open so it doesn’t fester.
Deep breathing or listening to my music really helps me calm down. Breathe in through nose and out through your mouth. Thanks, Mom.
I’m still choking on water and thin liquids. I choked on a large pill today, but I just ate some pudding and drank milk, and that did the trick. If you’re going through this, be patient. It will get better. Also, get a pill crusher. It’s gross tasting, but it’s better than choking. If this isn’t getting better, tell your doc. They will help you figure out what’s wrong.
Bathing was even easier today
Had a little trouble with my shirt today, but Jamie helped me. Pants were no problem. I’ll be happy when I can wear any kind of shirt I want. When the pain is bearable, I’ll wear any shirt. I am trying on different shirts to see where I stand. Don’t give up. You’re more ahead than you think.
Brushing my teeth was same as yesterday. Pain not worse or better and aim was the same.
Brushing my hair was easier. Drying my hair is still very painful, but it’s getting easier.
Lost another 3 pounds because I can’t eat, but, if I lose too much more, I’ll add meal replacement drinks. Find the one that works for you.
I’ve almost gotten all the tape residue out of my hair. Washing my hair is painful, but it’s getting better.
If you start feeling pain, roll into the pain and walk around frequently. Doc says I’ll be miserable for about a month or so. Won’t stop me from getting back to my life, but, I expect it. We’re only human. We’re not super heroes who magically heal.
Here are the people that helped me through today in some way! THANK YOU!
Jamie, Judy, Judy, Kayla, Jacob, Bella, Summer, Zoltan, Matt, Kim, Ken & Susan, Roger, Dori, Clinton, Brian (he helped earlier this week!), Kathey
My love, Jamie & I!
day 16
If you or anyone you know has any kind of cervical or lumbar spinal issues, the staff at Seton Brain & Spine Institute has everything you need. It’s a process, but very necessary! I had my 2nd neck surgery done there, but Dr. Eeric Truumees did this 3rd surgery, and he’s simply amazing, right along with his staff, Sarah, Ariel & Amy. Sarah never ceased to make me feel hopeful while I was in the hospital, and let me tell you, Dr. Truumees comes and checks on you, too! Great staff. Great crew. I recommend all the different doctors at that organization!
My protective detail during my recovery!

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