Post Surgery: Day 22: May 8, 2018: Getting Better and Better!

Updated: I just realized that I was looking to the left because I turned my head and not my entire body. I couldn’t do that before surgery and I couldn’t do it well a few days ago. It hurts, but by golly, I did it without thinking! YEARS since I’ve been able to do that, although I did it with my neck brace on. And, yes, I’m wearing it as tightly as I can. 😝

Day 22: May 8, 2018

1. Bathing is still getting easier, although, I cringe. I take deep breaths and let all the tension out of my muscles prior to bathing. Otherwise, the cringe turns into more pain. I REALLY want to just lay back in the bath and enjoy the very hot water on my body. My body craves it. Not until the incisions are healed.

2. I have no idea what crap they put in my hair during surgery, but it is still there! Don’t be surprised when this happens to you. I am super focused on being clean all the time. This has been a lesson in patience. Be kind to yourself. It’ll happen and I’ll get to be ocd about it again!

3. I’ve been having more pain in my neck the last 2 days, and so to rest my neck, I’ve been wearing my neck brace at home. Uh. Duh. If you’ve got something that helps you rest your neck, do it. It’s been helping the pain today and it’s been a sigh or relief. I also purchased a neck pillow to hopefully help me sleep. It’ll get here tomorrow.

4. I heard from my new specialist, Dr. Blevins, who is an endocrinologist. It’s on June 15th. Until then, I have started taking D3-5,000 mg and Calcium with Magnesium. The Magnesium helps the Calcium absorb in your system. I’ve continued to drink the Muscle Milk for the protein.

5. I still can’t eat foods that aren’t soft. I’m calling the doc, who will get me in touch with the speech therapist. Somehow, he or she can solve this issue, although, it can take 2-3 months for the swallowing, talking, laughing and singing to come back.

6. I talked to the boss and he knows I’ll be back part time next week. I’ll need a ride. Jamie and a coworker, Sandie, have offered to get me there. I just have to figure out my schedule, which will depend on how my pain level continues to act. It’s pretty bad in the mornings, but by 10am, I feel able to move around. Hopefully, that will improve. I miss interacting with people face to face. Soon!

7. Jacob and Judy spent the evening with me. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it brightened my spirits.

8. I had a long talk with Judy about the osteoporosis. A lecture to her, but, nonetheless a very important conversation. I will continue to “nag” her because it matters!

9. Jamie brought me an Oreo shake from Chickenflay! It’s one of my favorite foods! I had a pasta meal for dinner; and Cheerios with bananas for lunch and a Muscle Milk this morning. I miss food a lot.

10. I was a little angry today. I’m just impatient.

11. My PT lady bailed on me and so I missed a session and it’s disrespectful to just not show up. I had to text her to find out what was up. Not cool!

12. I got a lot of work done today. It feels amazing. I did have a trade that tried to forget our process. It was great to remind them. I’m working, you guys! Give me a whoop whoop! I’m making a dent in my emails! I got to talk to 2 Clients about warranty. It just feels great.

13. I was able to do an entire cycle of laundry, minus folding. Jamie did that for me! Slowly, but surely, we’re catching up on laundry. It’s a great feeling and I’m getting stronger. The trick for me is using a small step stool to get the clothes out of the washer squatting with my legs and not bending my neck and upper body. I can do it to a point, but I’m not going to push too hard. Baby steps.

14. I talked to Mom today and she’s losing her patience with the process of doctors. It’s hard for Moms to watch one of their children suffer. I’m going to let her get frustrated so I don’t. I know there are times that she’d call to get answers if she could. I definitely feel that way about Judy. I still go fo doctor’s appointments when she asks.

15. Jacob is leaving on Thursday, so Jacob and Judy are hanging out with me at my house and they’re going to have pizza, while I have soft food. Jet Pizza is super tasty! I can’t eat it right now, but I recommend it. I’m also not a big pizza person.

16. Matt took the time to think of me again today by sending me a podcast about healing and the power of healing through prayer. No matter your beliefs, accept the kindness of your friends. Their positive thoughts can only add to your positive surroundings.

Keep being kind to yourself because no matter what kind of recovery you’re going through, take your time and remember that recovery takes time and patience. Talk to someone about your fears, sadness, anger, triumphs, happy moments . I’ve talked about this before, but it’s imperative to the healing process that you talk to someone. Dark thoughts can certainly creep their way into your thoughts. But, writing it down, talking to someone or focusing on positive things each day will help. If it doesn’t, remember that you were brave enough to make the necessary changes to improve yourself.

I’m SO thankful to have so many supportive people in my life and that I have no doubts about their love for me. I feel guilty sometimes because I’m a worrier. But, I couldn’t be more amazed at the support of I get every single day!

THANK YOU to those who helped me in some way today! Jamie, Jacob, Judy, Mom, Robin, Sandie, Wesley, Dori, Matt and Dad!

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If you or anyone you know has any kind of cervical or lumbar spinal issues, the staff at Seton Brain & Spine Institute has everything you need. It’s a process, but very necessary! I had my 2nd neck surgery done there, but Dr. Eeric Truumees did this 3rd surgery, and he’s simply amazing, right along with his staff, Sarah, Ariel & Amy. Sarah never ceased to make me feel hopeful while I was in the hospital, and let me tell you, Dr. Truumees comes and checks on you, too! Great staff. Great crew. I recommend all the different doctors at that organization!

Quote for My Day:

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

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