Post Surgery: Day 23, May 9, 2018 I Go Back to Work!

Day 23: May 9, 2018

I AM FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO GO BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY. I will be working part time next week. This girl is excited to go back to work.

1. Washed my hair today and it’s still really painful, but I can do it! I found some weird scab stuff or tape in my hair so I have to ask the doctor if I can yank it out or not. It’s right at the top of my incision on the back of my head.

2. I do not believe I’ve ever talked about how painful it is, but cleaning out my ears with qtips isn’t easy. I do this every day, so you’d think I would mention it. But, today, it is still painful, so add that to your list of things you don’t think about until you can’t do it.

3. I did finally lay myself all the way back into the hot water of the tub today and it felt like magic. I didn’t stay down long because I can’t soak my incisions, but it was incredible.

4. I didn’t try to wash clothes today. Baby steps. I don’t want to overdo it and I heard that little voice telling me to take it easy today. So, I did, minus bathing and such, which is hard. I’m just not willing to let my hair get into nasty mode.

5. I didn’t sleep well last night, but, I woke up in less pain this morning. On a scale from 1–10, I’ve been at a continuous 8. Today, I woke up at a 7, and that’s how it’s been today. I’ve stayed on top of the pain, as suggested by my medical team. I’ve worn my neck brace to ease the pain.

6. I continue my 2nd day taking D3 – 4000 units. It will be 5000, but, for now, 4000. (Mom, because it’s what i have in my cupboard) and I’m waiting on receiving my Calcium supplements. I should receive those tomorrow. I do love me some Amazon Prime!

7. I have an app that helps me keep track of all the meds/supplements, etc that I take everyday and I highly recommend it if you take meds that are often throughout the day, so you can make sure you don’t miss a dose. I added the D3 to my list of stuff I take. I even have my Colace on my app. ANYTHING you take is good to put on the app. There are a couple good apps for pill schedules. I’ll put the Calcium on it, once I receive and start taking it.

8. I enjoyed sharing some thoughts with 2 friends today. Both brightened my day. Thank you, Kevin & Matt.

9. I talked to my boss today and he’s in support of my “back to work” plan! We’re having a Team Meeting on Friday and I’m going! Woohoo! Yes, I’m for real excited to be going to the office. I am touched by his support and care for me. My company is small and definitely family oriented and I appreciate that very much. That’s not always the case, but I am FORTUNATE! My boss and coworkers are definitely part of my Village.

10. I’ve realized through this experience that I love people. I’m not super social, but, I do love people. I wouldn’t do well working from home long term. I like being outside too much! It’s a nice realization. I like my home time, but, this has been forced home time and that’s not cool. But, it’s coming to an end.

11. Funny moment of the day: my boss sends me a text that says, “call me when you’re free”. I immediately called because I’m hanging out on my couch, healing and working from home. Right now, I’m always free! I told him that he could call anytime because it’s very quiet.

12. Jamie came home at lunch to check on me and he brought me an Oreo Cookie shake from Chickenflay! Perfection in a cup. My fave taste isn’t the chocolate, but the filling. I love it! Something so simple. I’m easy to please. I appreciate the efforts others make for me.

13. I got my new neck pillow. It’s cool so far! Photos posted last night. It got good reviews! After using it all day, I’ve still got to make it work best for me.

14. My PT lady is coming tomorrow at 1:30pm. She didn’t make it yesterday, as I addressed in my blog yesterday

15. I have to call my doctor tomorrow because the back of my neck feels tight and so does the front. I would guess that the tight feeling is normal due to healing, but guessing isn’t my thing, so I’ll get a list of questions and ask them. Don’t be afraid to call your doctor and ask questions. If you have a good medical team, they will be happy to answer. If you don’t, find a new team. Your health matters! YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH.

16. I can’t wait to start walking in an exercising way because I have flabby arms badly right now, and I need to work on it. It’s driving me crazy! It’s my least favorite feature. I hate it and it makes me self-conscious. I have all kinds of scars on my body and I just added 2 more and it’s my flabby arms that I hate most. I want a treadmill. I can walk on it every day and as I increase my stamina, I can walk longer on the treadmill. I just need to figure it out. If anyone has one or knows anyone who has one, message me. I had one in a past life and it was great.

17. Jacob goes home tomorrow. It’s been wonderful having him here. He’s gotten to drive my car and be free to go anywhere during his visit. I’m happy to have been able to provide his transportation.

18. Jacob, Judy and Clinton spent the evening with Jamie and I. Bella was at rehearsal and she was sadly missed. We watched Den of Thieves. It was clever, but long.

19. We ordered pizza. I can’t eat pizza. I tried eating a cheese stick, but I can’t yet. I did have some salad. I’m saying that I am still not eating real food. Soft food is great, but I want real food. I’m tired of the food I’m eating.

20. Since I can’t drive, and it’s a weekday and Jamie works, I am unable to take Jacob to the airport. Clinton is so kind and offered to take Jacob to the airport. I’m so sad I can’t take him, but my Villagers answered the call. I already miss Jacob. This is one of those anger moments when I really wanted to do what I wanted and not have my body dictate. But, driving would have put both of us at risk. Next time he visits, I’ll be ok again.

21. I’m getting the 23 and Me kit tomorrow to look at my health markers. I would like Jamie to do the same. I think it’s worth a small price to see what’s what.

22. Overall today was positive. I am sad and anxious right now, but, it’s been a positive day. Hopefully, I can sleep. I’ll report tomorrow. I’m exhausted, but restless.

23. Keep Ms Bella in your thoughts. School is running her ragged and she isn’t feeling well.

Judy brought her dog, Jarvis, who is absolutely sweet, but, Dori didn’t allow him to come anywhere near me. She’s super protective since I had surgery.

If anyone ever has questions, I’m happy to answer. If you habe something to offer, I’m all ears!

THANK YOU to those who have helped me in some way today! Jamie, Judy, Jacob, Mom, Kathey, Kevin, Deea, Wes, Sandie, Matt.

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