Post Surgery: Day 26: May 12, 2018: Mother’s Day

Day 26: May 12, 2018

Tomorrow is Mom’s Day. I am unable to travel to see Mom or my sis, Kathey, but, when I’m stronger and can drive, I’ll go see them both. My recovery and healing have hindered my ability to leave my house on a holiday. With that said, Judy is coming to see me tomorrow for Mom’s Day. That makes me so very happy. I’m glad Jacob was here the week of Mom’s Day!

HAPPY MOM’S DAY to all the Moms!

We ARE sleeping in our own bed tonight. It’s time! I miss our bed. This is a good sign. SNL first!

Below is an article I read on osteoporosis today. It’s actually 1 of several I’ve read.

As with everything in life, there’s always 2 sides. I will be deferring to my doctor for information, along with my research and what Mom has gone through. If I don’t get this going in the right direction, my teeth can start falling out. My jaw has been popping for a year now. It depends on what I’m eating, but that’s just another sign of my osteoporosis. Below is another article.

I started taking my Calcium today. It finally arrived. It’s gross because I can’t swallow, so Jamie crushed it up for me. It sticks to your gums and tongue, which I believe is a function of the Magnesium to absorb Calcium into the system. If you can’t swallow, make sure you’ve got something to drink ready to go.

I’ve been going through my health in my head. There are 2 types of osteoporosis. Menopausal and over 70. I’m not over 70. But, I had a hysterectomy at 23. That’s a long story that I’ll tell eventually. They left half an ovary thinking it would cover my estrogen, but I don’t think they thought through why I had a hysterectomy. I had rare disorder that causes some to eat from the inside out of your reproductive organs. The only way to diagnose it is to biopsy the Fallopian tube and ovary. No cure at the time. I was so sick and hemorrhaging that my only option was partial hysterectomy. My theory is that my genetics coupled with the possibility that my 1/2 ovary died that my osteoporosis is menopausal. That’s something I’ll go over with my endocrinologist.

I took a bath, which I now can do every day. I was knocked down a peg due to being out of the house yesterday, but that’s part of the stamina and healing process. I rested today, but did my exercises and I was able to take my meds on the long side of hours. For example, I can take one every 4-6 hours and another every 6-8. I’ve chasing the pain again, but it’s not as bad. Brushed my teeth: combed my hair; put on clothes I could wear in public. I washed my scars today very carefully and got some more tape residue off.

While I’m thankful each day is getting better, I have been severely depressed the last 2 days. I hope tomorrow is better. Mentally, I’m ready. Physically, I’m not. I knows it’s still months of recovery and the start of a new chapter with osteoporosis in the mix. I simply don’t know how to find my way out, except to keep moving forward. Once I can have meat, I know I’ll feel better. I’m actually not a huge meat person, but I look forward to it!

Highlight of the day – I can move my neck so much better! I am moving my neck more naturally and it’s very encouraging! It causes some pain, but woohoo!

THANK YOU to those who helped me in some way today! Jamie, Judy, Mom, Kathey, Leon

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