Post Surgery: Day 29: May 15, 2018 Work Day #2

Day 29: May 15, 2018

I feel really happy today! It’s been such a long time! I’m hopeful. It’s ok to feel happy. If somehow you feel you should tone down your joy, DONT! It’s a gift to have joy and happiness. It’s a gift to be here.

Work Day #2: I realized my mistake yesterday was how my chair and laptop were set up. So, today, I used a lower apparatus for my laptop on my desk. I used my office chair and lowered it to where my feet touched the floor. With all that said, today was infinitely easier than yesterday. Today, the pain didn’t get terrible until hour 4. I was exhausted, but set right back up after I got home, ate lunch and continued working. I hope tomorrow is like today! One day at a time! I really feel like I’m kicking ass today!

A big shout out to Jamie for his constant support and love. I will never be able to express my thanks and appreciation and love! Even though it may take a toll on his time, he still does whatever it takes to make sure I’m ok. He just takes care of me. I couldn’t be more thankful. My recovery from my first neck surgery wasn’t great. I didn’t have the home support I needed. I’ll be honest and say that I was in a marriage that was strained and we had gotten to place of sadness. It was many years ago, so what I remember is that I was alone a lot and didn’t have the same kind of support I have now.

Amazon Update: I also received a neck pillow I ordered that I can wear if I get fatigued. It’s soft and don’t rub on my incisions. And I am also set to receive my other laptop apparatus on Monday. I’ll be able to take that with me to the jobsite! It’s light and easy. The lap table I have at home works for home.

All I know is that I feel VERY confident about being on the jobsite next week AND I’ll be off neck brace duty AND I’ll be able to drive! Can I get a what what?

I will soon be FREE!

I talked to the nurse today at my doctor’s office and she finally got through to the ENT. I have an appointment at 10 on Friday. I’ll have a Barium Swallow test. This will help determine where the issues are that are preventing me from swallowing, talking, singing and burping. I’m so not excited that I’ve got more tests to take, but, whatever gets me further ahead in my journey is all that matters.

All steps forward with a steel determination to just get’er done. But, of course, per my doctor’s instructions. Fact is, I know my body and I’m psyched that I’m 2 weeks ahead of my doctor’s predicted schedule!

What’s that saying? Under promise. Over deliver! That works here, right? Although, I did over promise, but, I’m still back sooner than my doctor would appreciate and my assumption was that my surgery wasn’t going to be so intense. I am now a Bionic Woman! This means that I’ll for sure go off in Court Houses. It’s never happened in an airport, but always seems to happen at court houses. I always tell them I can’t remove the metal from my neck and back and put it in the bin. That’s only gotten the guard on duty to laugh once. It’s a good one, right?

I’ve added a link below for more info.

I used to be a horrible morning person. The kind that can ruin relationships if you’re not careful. But, my mood just isn’t the same. I am more hopeful and excited to be healing. I look forward to my future! I just feel better about life. Does that mean I want to have long talks when I first wake up? No. But, it does mean I don’t wake up angry at the world all the time. I did wake up angry at the world today, but it didn’t last for long.

I got to talk to Mom for a long while today and my voice is noticeably hoarse. So, it’s worse than usual. I’m hoping allergies, but, it could also be because I’m talking more. I talked to a few others who said the same thing. I think my biggest issue is that when I talk too much, I run out of breath. It’s because I have to push my voice out so people can hear me. And, even with that, I’m happy today! It’s just another stop on my yellow brick road!

I’m also happy to report that my pain meds are starting to make me loopy. That means that my body doesn’t need them as much. Time to start weaning! Whoop whoop! All positive news today.

Sandie is picking me up tomorrow, which is so kind! I can’t say how thankful I am.

TODAY has been a good day. Like for reals.

THANK YOU to those who have helped me in some way today! Jamie, Judy, Mom, Sandie, Kim, Clara, Matt, Zoltan, Kevin, Chandra, Dori, Clayton.

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