Post Surgery: May 19, 2018: No More Kale!

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Funny of the day:

In my desire to eat healthier and find something I can actually swallow, I decided to get a Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl. What’s in it you ask?

Slow Roasted Broccoli – yum

Carrots – yum

Cauliflower- yum

Brüssel Sprouts- no matter how many times I try these, they are disgusting. I removed them and thought I was on my way to something good

Krispy Kale – I’ve had Kale in soup, so I thought this would be ok. NOPE! It was like chewing something from the bottom of the ocean, but crunchy. It stuck to the roof of my mouth and turned mushy when I was chewing it. I’m not over it. I did my best to remove the baked Kale. That was difficult. I can never untaste it.

Brown Rice – yum

Lemon Tahini Vinaigrette- super yum – it’s like liquid gold, but edible

Avocado- yum

I am not a big meat eater, and I can’t swallow meat, so I’m trying to make sure I’m getting my daily allowance for stuff. I will never try to convince myself that I’m Austin cool and eat this concoction again. More power to the folks who actually like the foods I listed that made me never want to eat again! I know there are people out there who hate it, but stay silent. That’s dedication!

On a positive note, I also got a Chocolate Torte. Dude, chocolate makes my world go around!

It was a beautiful slice of dense flourless chocolate cake. That saved the meal! I also got sweet potatoes mashed and those are also yum!

For the record, if you like what I had, I’m sure it’s very good! I just had to talk about this now because…… 🤢



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