Day 40: May 26, 2018 Quiet Day

image-29Day 40: May 26, 2018

Quiet Day!

Today has been purposeful resting and that’s my plan for the rest of the weekend. I woke up around 7, when Jamie left for work. I fell back to sleep pretty immediately. I then woke again at 8-ish, when Jamie came home from work. While I was in pain, my exhaustion came first and I fell back to sleep. Finally, a very hungry Dori gently woke me up by putting her foot on my arm at 9:17am. I was definitely feeling the pain then. Mornings are by far the hardest. I can’t stretch in my sleep and I’m not careful when I move because I’m asleep. I toss and turn all night long. That’s been my life. I’m thankful to have fallen asleep at around 1, waking up to go to the bathroom around 2, and then finally getting up at 9:17am. So, I’m sleeping better! I was very active this past week, hence, passing out sleep pretty much. I always wake up once to go to the bathroom at night. Sometimes more than once, but always once.

Bathing on Day 40 is still a little painful if I move the wrong way. So, I don’t move that way. I laid back in the super hot water today and it was magic. Last week, I couldn’t comfortably lay back in the tub. Today, . I just enjoyed the hot water on my back, shoulders and head. I’m a lot stronger! I still float, too. I don’t need a float in the water. I was worried I’d need one after this complex surgery. But, judging from the tub, I can still float naturally. A new thing Ive come to enjoy is using the handheld at a lower setting and just running it over my head and shoulders. It’s just relaxing. The fact that I can hold the handheld is cool, too! As long as I don’t reach top high, it doesn’t hurt too much.

It’s weird feeling where my incision is and feeling no hair there. I don’t think the hair is going to grow back at the incision, but the hair shaved on either side of the incision is growing back. I have a gap in the back of my head, but you have to be looking to know. You can see it in my incision photos.

On another note, I have a really long and slender neck. It’s been so swollen that you couldn’t feel the bones on the back of my neck. Now, I’m starting to be able to feel them and it’s bizarre! It you look at my incision photo, that’s usually very bony on me. It’s getting back to normal. We’ll see if it goes completely back to normal. 😬

artificial banana banting beef

I still can’t eat meats, or chips or anything hard, or chewy. I still can’t drink without a straw because if I drink too quickly, I’ll choke. This happened to me yesterday. I was checking to see if I could drink like a normal person yet. Nope. My voice sounds almost all the way better. It’s gets tired, but I sound like me. I still can’t sing and if you know me, you know my heart breaks a little every time I try to sing. I can’t burp yet, but my body just decides I’m going to let the pressure out of my esophagus before I can stop it. That’s always cool. I also have to make sure I don’t choke on food in general, because a lot of the food tries to go into my lungs, and so I simply have to be careful. Eating is tiring, too, so I lose energy and can’t finish a meal.

My pain has been about a 6 all day, but, it’s manageable and expected when weaning off a heavy narcotic. I’m a little weepy today, but it’s because of the weaning of meds. I’m definitely more relaxed because I’m not on my feet. I’ve got 2 more days of rest.

I watched One Strange Rock hosted by Will Smith on National Geographic. It’s absolutely amazing. I watched all available episodes. The below episode hit me especially close to home. I cried at the end.

One Strange Rock: Episode 5, Survival

If you’re into the wonders of the earth and all that comes with it’s past, present and future, I highly recommend it. It’s also On Demand, and I have no doubt it’s somewhere on the Internet, if you don’t have cable. I am mesmerized by it and it’s meaning.

It brought a host of emotions to the forefront. I will address that more in a future blog.

Today, I am just happy that I’ve cut my pain pill intake in half.

“The natural human reaction to the unknown is fear. The greatest antidote to fear is preparation.” One Strange Rock

THANK YOU to those who made a difference in my day! Jamie, Bella, Judy, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Michael, Julian

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