Relieving Stress ~~~~

jermaineMy boyfriend and I had a really good time on Friday. We went and saw Jermaine Fowler at a local comedy club in Austin! It was great, and Jermaine is hilarious. I know of him because of his hit show Superior Donuts. It’s one of my new favorite TV shows, and I highly recommend it. Jermaine was just nice, too. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time. It made my stomach and neck hurt! LOL…. I am so glad I laughed some stress out of my body! There was a comedian in front of him, named Bryson Brown, and he was funny, too. Since I’ve been feeling better physically, I have made sure we do fun stuff. I never know how long my body will cooperate! So, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity. I spent a long time just being miserable! BUT, I’m feeling better. I also worked out (power walking) on Saturday and Sunday, and I’m sore, but I feel accomplished! I’m also almost completely off the Tramadol. That is taking some effort, but it’ll be over soon. My nurse told me I HAVE TO BE OFF by now. She’s dumb and has no clue, but that’s what she said. Yes, I’m still in pain, but that’s OK. That too will pass. Once I’m off, my only vice will be cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate hardener on top. But, I don’t have any ice cream left, so that’ll be gone, too. That is going to be harder than the Tramadol to kick! TRUTH!

flatlay photography of ice cream on mug

I’ll lose some weight doing it, but now that I’m exercising more, I want to eliminate as much as fat as possible. Not all of it, of course, but I can eliminate ice cream every single day. I am NOT on a diet, nor do I need to be, but it never hurts to stop eating ice cream every day. So, that’s what I’m going to do! I’m nicotine free since April 17, 2018. I vaped. I hadn’t smoked a cigarette since 2014, but I vaped until April 17th. I was at 2mg of nicotine and that’s nothing if you know anything about vaping. I miss it. But, I won’t ever put nicotine into my body again. It keeps the body from healing, and I don’t need help! Since surgery, I’ve really changed the way I eat. At the comedy club, they had a menu, and there was NOTHING healthy. I got a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. I hate the grilled chicken, and YES, I had fries. THEY were amazing. I hadn’t had fried food since April 17th. BUT, I paid a heavy price for eating the fries. No regrets, but it’s not hard for me to stay away from the fried stuff.  IT’S THE DESSERT stuff that kills me. I love all things chocolate – cookies, cakes, cup cakes, donuts, brownies, ice cream (only cookies & cream)…. I mean I am seriously addicted to chocolate. BUT, if I have to have an addiction, I choose chocolate. I’d rather be overweight, than dead. I realized that I do want to live a relatively long life, which means I have to exercise, and continue eating right. I need to exercise to strengthen my core to ensure I can keep walking when I’m older. With my spinal surgeries due to discs dissolving to advanced Osteoporosis in my bones, exercising is key to my success when I’m older. My spine will only continue to deteriorate over time, and I’m hoping the Osteoporosis meds will help, if my insurance company, HUMANA, ever decides it’s medically necessary. I’m giving it another week, and if I don’t hear anything, I’m going to call whoever I need to call at Humana to get someone to talk to me about it. I should have control over my healthcare and because I’ve been diagnosed with Advanced Osteoporosis at 45, it’s their DUTY to approve meds that will improve my bones. Cross your fingers!

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