I love Animals!

I had no idea it had been 5 days since I posted. I’ve been really busy, which is a good thing. Now that I’m feeling better physically, I’m busier at work and on the weekends. This past weekend, my boyfriend, his daughter and her boyfriend went to a small zoo in Cedar Creek, Texas. I really enjoyed it! I got to see animals closet up that I wouldn’t normally get to be close to! I mean, I got to feed a Hippo! I will always be grateful for that experience, along w/ feeding a Lemur, playing with Dingos, and watching Black Panthers get fed. I’ll post some videos throughout. I have always loved the zoo. I’ve been to big ones, and little ones. Fact is – seeing animals in captivity makes me REALLY sad and angry at humans. The only reason we have zoos is because someone or something somewhere hurt an animal’s natural habitat or hurt the animal itself, and they have no choice but to be held in captivity. But, to see that they’re in loving environments makes it a little easier. It’s an animal shelter of unwanted, rescues just domesticated animals. I tear up every time I walk into a pet store, or decide I want to cry all day by going to a local shelter. It’s just heart wrenching and I feel no differently about zoos. The Dingos and Tank, the Hippo, were my favorite!



I absolutely love animals. I just want to share some photos. Some happy stuff!


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